Computer Graphics and Multimedia Solved Question Paper & Question Bank


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Important Questions on Computer Graphics and Multimedia:

Q. What is computer graphics?

Ans. Pictures or images created using computers are called as computer graphics. It creates new images as well as helps in modifying the existing images as well.

Computer graphics has revolutionised the industries like animation, video games, movies etc.

Q. What are some examples of computer graphics?

Ans. Examples of computer graphics includes:

  • Creation of cartoon characters like mickey mouse, peppa piggy.
  • Modifying existing images to give better look,
  • Creating interactive posters for online advertisements,
  • Creating banner designs,
  • Creating animated videos,
  • Visualisation of internal organs in ultrasound, x-ray etc.
  • Newspaper design using computer,
  • Magazines designs,
  • Showing weather reports visually etc.

Q. Advantages of computer graphics and multimedia?

Ans. Computer graphics and multimedia has made it possible to quickly visualise different things and has good application in engineering inventions like automotive and aerospace, in medical field like 3D x-ray of human body using magnetic resonance imaging, used in movies as well like in animation movies to create imaginary scenes, it has even made virtual reality possible and so on.

One Full Solved Question Paper with Answer on  Computer Graphics and Multimedia of RGPV University Bhopal (Notes):

  • RGPV (IT-601) – Computer Graphics and Multimedia – Solved Question Paper – To Score Better
    • This solved paper has answers on computer graphics definition and benefits, beam penetration method, working principle of joystock, cathode ray tube, electron guns in CRT experiment, shadow mask in graphic monitor, DDA and Bresenham’s line algorithm, B spline curve, composite transformation in 3D, RGB and HSV color models, homogenous coordinate system, MIDI file format, multimedia transmission protocol, image compressions etc.

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Notes:

    • Handwritten and digital notes from many sources – just require signup/signin before downloading any material.

Question Paper from Different Universities:

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