MIDI File Format

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What is MIDI file format?

MIDI file format has been in use because of it’s quality, easy usage, convertibility, less storage requirement etc.

MIDI FIle = Small size easy to share encoded file or file with instruction different from MP3/MP4 format and which is used to create music.

  • Full form: A file with the .MID or .MIDI file extension is a Musical Instrument Digital Interface file.
  • Importance: Way to control devices used to create music.
  • Function of MIDI Files: Contains instructions in a way that instructs each musical instrument what to play, when to play and how to play.
  • MP3 vs MIDI File: MP3 / MP4 etc. files actually contains audio or video programs stored in it, where as MIDI files contains only instructions.
  • MIDI Files content: Two types of chunks viz. header chunks and track chunks, out of which header chunks contains sort of summary information about the entire MIDI file.
  • MIDI Components: Microprocessor, keyboard, control panels, memory etc.
  • Is MIDI an audio file: No it’s not an audio file instead it is sort of a file containing instructions for creating music.
  • Can one convert PDF to MIDI File: Yes one can do it.

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  • Contains actual audio data (Yes / No): No.
  • Are MIDI files lossless (Yes / No): Yes.
  • Can MIDI files be played on Windows Media Player (Yes / No): Yes.
  • Players that can open MIDI files: Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp etc. to name a few.
  • Why MIDI files are small in size: Because it contains only set of instructions and not actual audio files.
What is the difference between normal audio files and MIDI files?

MIDI and audio files are different at various dimensions like storage, type of content stored in it, function, conversion etc.

  • MIDI vs Audio Files storage size: The main difference between normal audio files and MIDI files is that the later ones are smaller in size as these does not have actual audio data.
  • MIDI file contains: This format is designed with purpose of only storing the notes and not the full music, so we can say for any type of music created this is the main heartbeat of it which directs what to play and when to play. Much like the master instructing which notes to play and in which rhythm to produce actual music.
  • MIDI Files function: MIDI files are not actual audio files instead they explain what notes need to be played, when they’re to be played, and how long or loud each note should be.
  • MIDI Files conversion to audio files: It can be converted to various audio files viz. MP3, WAV etc. to name a few using audio converters

Hence, it acts as the DNA of audio music to be presented and that is why it is important.

How MIDI files are used?

Using MIDI files require set of sophisticated softwares different from the normal ones.

  • Current Usage: Yes it is not obsolete and is used still in use in big events as well as normal ones.
  • Windows support: To play this on windows machine one can use VLC player.
  • How to use MIDI Files: To use MIDI files or to extract information out of it, it needs to be attached to a playback device or loaded into a particular software program that knows how to interpret the data.
  • MIDI Files Advantages: So, every now and then some new technology is coming with different purpose out of which MIDI is created with the purpose of:
    • Usage: easy usage,
    • Shareability: Easy to share because of it’s size,
    • Storability: easy to store again because of it’s low size etc.
MIDI files are easily sharable even on low-bandwidth internet connections because of their low size and hence requires low storage space as well making easy to share and easy to store.

In case of doubts or confusion it’s always better to refer some online resources.

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