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This tutorial is giving brief of Soft Computing Solved Question Paper. We have included question papers from various universities so that one can have enough idea about field of soft computing. Hope you will like this, if yes then please let us know in comments.

Collection of 100s of questions on soft computing with some solved question papers and links to notes for study material. Questions from different universities have been collated to give a comprehensive list of questions.

Soft computing has made it possible to solve non-linear problems using various algorithms, techniques etc. and that is one of it’s major strength.

Another major advantage of soft computing algorithms is that they self-evolve themselves with time. As the dataset increases they train themselves based on already occurred situations and learns from it.

List of Question Papers from Different Universities:

1 Solved Paper and Notes:

One full solved paper from RGPV University Bhopal:

Topics for which brief explanation included in above full solved paper are:

Artificial intelligenceSoft computingAO algorithm
Associative memoryRecurrent networkPerceptron
Production systemsCrossoverMutation

  • – Soft Computing129 pages
    • A total of 6 modules with III and IV are for 2nd internal exam, and V, VI are for second internal exam, with a brief about question paper pattern on 5th page.

  • – handwritten notes by various people.
    • Note: Login is required to view the notes.

Question Papers from different universities or Soft Computing Question Bank:

Anna University notes on Soft Computing (Downloadable):

The page has description of 5 units each related to Introduction to Soft Computing (like learning, taxonomy, basic models, relations etc.), Neural Networks (e.g. different networks, neurons, methods etc.), Fuzzy Logic, genetic Algorithm and Hybrid Soft computing Techniques and Applications.

APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Question Papers:

There are many papers of the above university on this particular link, although download is not working but one see those papers online.

Link gives questions papers for soft computing (CS361) – full question papers, year-wise and exam-wise questions papers.

MU Computer Engineering:

Link has MU Computer Engineering (Semester 7) Soft Computing May-2016 question paper which has questions on soft computing, Mc Culloch Pitts neuron model, some numerical, linearly and non-linearly separable problems, defuzzification methos, error back propagation, activation functions, learning rule, vector quantization etc.

Another link for few other question papers:

Question paper Link 5:

  • Link: Click me
    • Questions involved diagram for supervised and unsupervised learning in neural network, different activation functions in neural network, different defuzzification techniques, architecture of Bidirectional Associative Memory etc. to name a few.

GNDU University:

  • Link: Click me
    • Option to download papers of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
    • Some questions from 2019 question paper include: application of neural network, adalines and madalines, differences between supervised and unsupervised learning, adaptive resonance theory etc. to name a few.

ME Degree Exam Question Paper – Soft Computing Techniques:

  • Link: Click me
    • Some questions from the paper are basic model of madaline network, counter propagation network, features of ant colony algorithm, two point crossover, hybrid intelligent control etc.

BE Computer Engg. 7th Semester Question paper:

  • Link: Click me
    • Some questions are different types of encoding, crossover, selection, mutations, learning vector quantization algorithm etc.

IIT-KGP Soft Computing Applications:

  • Link: Click me
    • Very useful link with links for with chapter wise study material on fuzzy set, fuzzy relation etc. samples question papers from 2014-2016, practice sheet GA optimization etc.

Gujarat University – Soft Computing and Neural Network Question Paper:

  • Link: Click me
    • 40 questions in total like model of an artifical neuron, Kohonen Self-Organizing Networks, Hebbian’s Learning, Membership Function etc.
neural network question paper

Although, not all of them are solved question papers but they are you will get a fair idea about questions asked in different universities.

First link is giving answers of questions asked in one of the question paper and has topics include like Artificial intelligence, Soft Computing, Associative memory etc.

So, first two links have answers and notes whereas other links has just questions papers which can be downloaded or one can see those questions online.

Also, some question papers have questions only where as other have numerical as well.

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Q. Fuzzy logic that laid the foundation of mathematical groundwork for soft computing was introduced by:

Ans. Lotfi Zadeh – He studies in University of Tehran, MIT etc. and later worked in the field of AI, computer science, mathematics etc. He has been bestowed with numerous awards for his work.
Before fuzzy logic computer used to work on binary logics i.e. 1 & 0 or True & False, but fuzzy logic handles approximate reasoning or handling the numbers between 0 and 1.