Chemistry Objective GK Mock Test – 5

A quick 25 questions article on Chemistry – General Knowledge – MCQs important for competitive exams like in UPSC, state civil services, olympiads etc.

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Que (1): Mixture of which pair of gases is the cause of occurrence of most of the explosions in mines?

A. Methane and air
B. Methane and carbon
C. Carbon and air
D. Nitrogen and oxygen
Answer: Methane and air.

Que (2): What is a strong argument for the particle nature of cathode rays?

A. They are cast shadow
B. They disintegrate
C. They disintegrate light
D. The separate the white light
Answer: They are cast shadow.

Que (3): What is the poison of honey bee?

A. Acidic
B. Basic
C. Neutral
D. none of these
Answer: Acidic.

Que (4): Which inorganic precipitate acts as semi-permeable membrane?

A. Copper ferrocyanide
B. Antimony hydride
C. Antimony pentafluoride
D. Trisulfide
Answer: Copper ferrocyanide.

Que (5): What is the number of electrons in an atom of atomic number Z and mass number A?

A. Z
B. A
C. X
D. B
Answer: Z.

Que (6): To prepare a standard solution of a substance, what is generally used ?

A. Beaker
B. Test tube
C. Measuring flask
D. none of these
Answer: Measuring flask.

Que (7): In methane molecule how are the four hydrogen atoms arranged?

A. As pentahedral
B. As octahedral
C. As tetrahedral
D. all of these
Answer: As tetrahedral.

Que (8): Which variety of glass is heat resistant?

A. Laminated glass
C. Fire resistant glass
D. Pyrex
Answer: Pyrex glass.

Que (9): What are Rubies and Sapphires chemically known as?

A. Aluminium hydroxide
B. Aluminium oxide
C. Magnesium Oxide
D. Magnesium hydroxide
Answer: Aluminium oxide.

Que (10): Which pair of metals constitutes the lightest metal and the heaviest metal, respectively?

A. Nickel and Titanium
B. Mercury and Tin
C. Lead and Tin
D. Lithium and osmium
Answer: Lithium and osmium.

Que (11): Which element has the lowest electron affinity?

A. Helium
B. Argon
C. Krypton
D. Xenon
Answer: Argon.

Que (12): By whom was the calculation of electro negativities first done?

A. Gauss
B. Pauling
C. Euler
D. Turning
Answer: Pauling.

Que (13): What does the emission of ß-particle?

A. Increases the atomic number by one
B. Increases the atomic number by two
C. Decreases the atomic number by one
D. Decreases the atomic number by Two
Answer: Increases the atomic number by one.

Que (14): A fruity smell is obtained by the reaction of ethanol with which compound?

Answer: CH3COOH.

Que (15): Which compound caused tragedy of Bhopal in 1984?

A. Ethyl Isocynite
B. Ethyl Isocynate
C. Methyl Isocynite
D. Methyl isocynate
Answer: Methyl isocynate.

Que (16): Which compound is used as an antichlor?

A. Na2S2O3
B. Na3S2O3
C. Na2S2O2
D. Na2S3O3
Answer: Na2S2O3.

Que (17): Which chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography?

A. Sodium thiosulphate
B. Magnesium thiosulphate
C. Ferrous thiosulphate
D. nan
Answer: Sodium thiosulphate.

Que (18): Which metal has the highest density?

A. Gold
B. Iron
C. Zinc
D. Platinum
Answer: Platinum.

Que (19): What does Soda water contain?

A. Nitrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Sulphur
Answer: Carbon dioxide.

Que (20): Which major component is used in preparation of different types of glasses?

A. Silica
B. Silicone
C. Tin
D. Copper
Answer: Silica.

Que (21): What is the main constituent of vinegar?

A. Citrus acid
B. Acetic acid
C. Carbonic acid
D. Oxalic acid
Answer: Acetic acid.

Que (22): Which compound is used for writing on glass?

A. Hydrogen chloride
B. Hydrogen fluoride
C. Hydrogen bromide
D. Hydrogen iodide
Answer: Hydrogen fluoride.

Que (23):Which compound is commonly used as antifreeze in automobile radiators?

A. Petrol
B. Greece
C. Oil
D. Glycerol
Answer: Glycerol.

Que (24): When water vapours are passed over aluminium carbide, what do we get?

A. Ethane
B. Methane
C. Propane
D. Butane
Answer: Methane.

Que (25): Which metal was first discovered by man ?

A. Iron
B. Copper
C. Silver
D. Gold
Answer: Copper.

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