Chemistry Objective GK Mock Test – 7

A quick 25 questions article on Chemistry – General Knowledge – MCQs important for competitive exams like in UPSC, state civil services, olympiads etc.

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Que (1): In vulcanisation, with which the natural rubber is heated?

A. Sulphur
B. Nitrogen
C. Chlorine
D. Bromine
Answer: Sulphur.

Que (2): Which is used as a filler in rubber tyres ?

A. Carbon black
B. Foam
C. Sintered metal
D. Engine oil
Answer: Carbon black.

Que (3): Which gas has maximum calorific value?

A. Kerosene
B. Diesel
C. Natural gas
D. A and B
Answer: Natural gas

Que (4): A lighted candle gets extinguished when covered with a tumbler. Why?

A. Because of inadequate supply of air
B. Because of excess supply of air
C. Because of inadequate supply of oxygen
D. Because of excess supply of oxygen
Answer: Because of inadequate supply of air

Que (5): In anaerobic respiration, what is the net gain of ATP per glucose molecule oxidised?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: 2.

Que (6): The elements of group VA are generally known as which name?

A. Halogens
B. Radioactive
C. Actinones
D. Pnictogens
Answer: Pnictogens

Que (7): Which gas changes lime water in milky colour?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Nitrogen dioxide
D. Nitrogen monoxide
Answer: Carbon dioxide

Que (8): What does Gobar gas contains mainly?

A. Ethane
B. Methane
C. Propane
D. Butane
Answer: Methane.

Que (9): Which are the important raw materials required in cement industry?

A. Limestone
B. Clay
C. Nitrate
D. A and B
Answer: Limestone and clay.

Que (10): What is not the cause of low conductivity of electrolyte?

A. Freedom of electrons
B. Pentagonal structure
C. Ionisation of salt
D. none of these
Answer: Ionisation of salt

Que (11): Cooking gas is a mixture of which gases?

A. Ethane and propane
B. Ethane and Butane
C. Methane and Propane
D. Butane and Propane
Answer: Butane and propane.

Que (12): Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?

A. Lactic acid
B. Formic acid
C. Acetic acid
D. All of these
Answer: Lactic acid

Que (13): Which are the most commonly used chemicals in the artificial rain making or cloud seeding?

A. Potassium iodide
B. Silver iodide
C. Solid carbon dioxide
D. Liquid propane
Answer: Silver Iodide (Agl).

Que (14): Which compound does not give a positive test in Lassaigne’s test for nitrogen?

A. Sulfate
B. Hydroxide
C. Binary phase
D. Hydrazinc
Answer: Hydrazinc.

Que (15): Litmus paper used in laboratory obtained from?

A. Lichen
B. Gum plant
C. Roots of trees
D. Teak
Answer: Lichen.

Que (16): Which acid is used in synthetic lemonade?

A. Folic acid
B. Citric acid
C. Acetic acid
D. all of these
Answer: Citric acid.

Que (17): A hydrogen atom is paramagnetic. What is a hydrogen molecule?

A. Paramagnetic
B. Diamagnetic
C. no magnetism
D. none of these
Answer: Diamagnetic.

Que (18): Which of the toxic heavy metals is found in modern tannery industries?

A. Chromium
B. Platinum
C. Silver
D. Tin
Answer: Chromium.

Que (19): Why is tetracycline used?

A. In chemotherapy
B. In radiation
C. Anti polio drug
D. As anti-plague drug
Answer: As anti-plague drug.

Que (20): Which contain high content of lead?

A. Solid fuel
B. Liquid fuels
C. Gaseous fuels
D. High octane fuel
Answer: High octane fuel.

Que (21): Denatured spirit is a mixture of ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and which other thing?

A. Ethanol
B. Pyridine
C. methylated
D. Methanol
Answer: Pyridine.

Que (22): Which element is in the highest amount in the composition of basalt rock?

A. Cotton
B. Nylon
C. Polythene
D. Silicon
Answer: Silicon.

Que (23): Which fertiliser has more nitrogen content?

A. Human waste
B. Urea
C. Animal waste
D. All of these
Answer: Urea.

Que (24): Food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with?

A. Lead
B. Colour
C. Ink
D. All of these
Answer: Lead.

Que (25): If a U-238 nucleus splits into two identical parts, how will the two nuclei be so produced?

A. Stabe
B. Unstable
C. Highly explosive
D. B and C
Answer: Stable.

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