Cloud computing MCQs and Abbreviations – Part 2

Cloud computing MCQs and Abbreviations – Part 2 – SSI, ROI, VMM, IaaS, Saas, PaaS, amount of time, self-serve, different types etc.

Abbreviations, multiple choice questions (MCQs) and true/false questions on cloud computing that will of help to you to increase your knowledge in cloud computing field which will in turn can help you in your college exams or other engineering related entrance examinations like GATE.

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Abbreviations / Full forms:

Cloud computing abbreviations
Cloud computing abbreviations
  • SSI – single system image
  • ROI – return on investment
  • TCO – Total cost of ownership
  • VMM – Virtual machine monitor
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a service
  • PaaS – Platform as a service
  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • VIM – virtual infrastructure manager
  • SDK – software development toolkit
  • VPN – virtual private network

Questions section:

Que. Choosing external service providers helps in reducing IT related costs.
a. True
b. False

Ans. True
By choosing one don’t have to invest heavily on their IT infrastructure and their maintenance.
Also, in this model they get the services at fraction of cost than w.r.t case where they have to make arrangements for their own computing power.

Que. With time need for autonomic computing is increasing to improve systems on its own without human or less human involvement:
a. True
b. False

Ans. True
Purpose of such systems is to manage themselves with no or less involvement of humans.

Que. SaaS resolves the burden of:
a. Development and delivery of new features to customers
b. Maintenance for customers
c. Both a and b
d. Nine of the above

Ans. C. Both a and b

Apart from above two reasons testing for providers also becomes easy. And new improved software is readily available for everyone.

Some important features of cloud to help you answer further questions:
a. It needs to be on self-serve mode
b. Billing as per usage
c. Customisability
d. Option to scale up or down as and when required.

Que. Cloud computing needs to be self-serve to meet the customers demands of on-demand instant access of services:
a. True
b. False

Ans. a. True
Making requisition and availability of cloud services self-serve and on demand helps users to scale up and down when required. Requisition, payment and delivery is services all happens online without or very less human intervention.

Que. Cloud computing gives the illusion of availability of infinite resources:
a. True
b. False

Ans. True
In cloud computing resources are available on demand that gives the illusion to user that infinities resources are available.

Que. Cloud computing gives the provision of scaling up or down quickly as per requirement or when load increases:
a. True
b. False

Ans. True

Que. Persistence layer allows applications to:
a. Record their state
b. Revolver the previous state in case of crashes
c. Both a and b
d. Nine of the above

Ans. C. Both a and b

General Knowledge information:
Suphur is used in vulcanisation of rubber.


Hope that this article is of some help to you and helps you in improving your knowledge related to cloud computing. Do let us know your thoughts and if you want us to cover any other topic.



Q1. What are different types of cloud computing?

Ans. Private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds etc. are some types of cloud computing.

Q2. Example of some world’s largest cloud computing companies?

Ans. Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft azure, Google cloud etc.

Q3. Example of some world’s largest cloud storage services?

Ans. Google drive, dropbox, one drive etc.

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