How to write resume for Tableau Developer Jobs (Tableau resume)

How to write resume for Tableau Developer Jobs – skills required, tableau developer, domain knowledge, online certification, professional experience, interview preparation etc.

In-depth questions on how to write a resume for getting a job as Tableau Developer i.e. what to write, how to communicate, what skills are required, how to achieve those skills etc.

A detailed article on “How to write resume for Tableau Developer Jobs (Tableau resume)” i.e. how to write, what to write, how to prepare, tips etc.


How many sections does a resume has ideally?

A resume should has certain important sections like:

  • Introduction: The introduction should be very crisp and should tell about you in minimum possible words,
  • Previous work experience: Most important section is previous work experience section that tells about your skills in this particular field,
  • Certification: Show any online or offline certification you have achieved as it becomes easy for your interviewer to judge your skills,
  • Educational details: Show educational details like mentioned below in table format or any other format seems appropriate to you and is easily readable:
    • Degree,
    • Percentage/grade,
    • College/university and
    • Year of passing out
  • Co-curriculum section: Show any co-curriculum activity that you have been part of in school / college etc. It can be dramatics, music, dance, NCC, NSS, placement cell etc. It shows that you have actually achieved some more skills apart from normal college degree and such activities also helps in achieving leadership, cooperation, communication etc. skills which can’t be taught just by books.

What does one need to become a tableau developer?

  • Self-motivated & a high-energy attitude: Well this is very basic requirement in any job, the better is your attitude the better it will be for you,
  • Work experience: Prior work experience certification or internship in this field is a plus,
  • Person should be good with numbers: As one has to deal with numbers all day long,
  • Good research skills: To find interesting information that can support their insight and make it more useful and meaningful,
  • Good stakeholder management skills: As every department and function needs data, but how they think and understand data is important – so a data person should have good stakeholder management skills to work and deliver work to them,
  • Good communication skills: As they need to communicate their findings effectively to others.

Which job is better analyst or tableau developer?

Both the jobs have some overlapping area and some things that are completely not related to each other like creating tableau dashboard, writing sql queries to fetch data from database etc.

But, some thing like communicating results using presentations, stakeholder management etc. are some of the jobs more specific to business analyst role.

Some relevant links to give you more idea about it:

Some preferred work areas that can help in getting Tableau Developer job:

Proven track record in areas like

  • Research and analysis,
  • Data analysis,
  • Machine learning,
  • Natural language processing(NLP) algorithms,
  • Digital marketing etc.

Above list is just brief and important areas that can help one in landing job in tableau developer field. But, one can also get some entry level trainee kind of job that can help them in earning these skills while working in the job.

What is domain knowledge and why is it important?

Domain knowledge is the knowledge of a specific, specialized discipline or field.

The benefit of having domain knowledge is that one knows in depth about the subject which is not easily available and so such domain knowledge experts or subject matter experts are very important in any field.

By field we mean marketing, sales, digital marketing, SEO, history, sociology etc, ie. it can be any field.

Is you search online you will get many websites which are providing online certification for tableau like:

These are self-paced video tutorials where you can see how some chart is created, calculation is done, some advanced function is applied etc. Simultaneously, you can apply those functions on the the tableau version if you have installed on your computer and can gain hands-on experience on tableau.

Does website certifications really worth it or work experience is more important?

Website certification if done well and if you have used it to create some dashboards, that you can share with the interviewer or that can establish that you can actually create dashboards while in job then they are really worth it.

But, at the end of the day if you have already created the tableau dashboards while working in a company then that will always have more weightage than simple certification alone.

Professional Experience details

What to show in professional details section?

  • Money saved
    • If you did some task in your previous company that has actually led to saving of money then that is something interviewer will actually value alot for e.g. you have create some dashboard that helped sales team in getting more sales,
  • What is the most interesting thing you created?
    • If you have created something really interesting like a dashboard that is showing performance of all the marketing channels like what was the amount spent on google, facebook, linkedin etc. and how many leads were generated out of it – then it is something you can include in your resume in professional experinece section,
  • What problem is solved with the tableau dashboard you created?
    • Mention why you created some dashboard for e.g.
      • If you created dashboard to track sales from different channels then mention that you have helped in improving channel sales efficiency,
      • If you have created a dashboard to find problem faced by users while logging in in your software then mention that you have helped in users onboarding problem,
  • Views of the dashboards you created etc.
    • If you have created some dashboard that has got lot of views from senior management of your company then mention it,
  • Have you put anything on completely self-serve mode?
    • If you have automated anything and helped in reducing the man hours then mention that,
  • Projects in bold marked:
    • Show the work related to tableau in that projects e.g.
      • Built automated dashboard and provided enhanced daily visibility to senior leadership across the globe for aggregate metrics,
      • Completed the adoption of the same across organization,
      • Impact: Expanded the visibility at global level and automated the whole work which earlier used to take involvement of several analysts and significant infrastructure cost,

Write about major projects that you have covered like this for different organizations. Also, add description like below to give an idea to your interviewer about your knowledge in Tableau.

  • Have designed and developed various dashboards using Tableau Visualizations like Dual Axis, Bar Graphs, Scatter Plots, Pie-Charts, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, Box Plots, Geographic Visualization and other making use of actions, other local and global filters

Interview Preparation

Above strategy will help in getting selected for the interview round but be ready to explain the points mentioned in your resume as without that you will not be able to actually clear the interview round.

Search online and go through all the available interview questions –

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

Having good knowledge is good but communicating it the key part, because if you don’t communicate it well then interviewer will not be able to get the full idea about your skills. So, work on you communication skills.

  • Also, tell people what specific business intelligence you delivered to the stakeholders and how it impacted the business,
  • Who all were the actual stakeholders of your project,
  • Who gave you that project or it was a self-driven initiative etc.

People like to listen to the self-driven initiatives that you took, what specific valuable business intelligence you delivered and how that was helpful.

How you saved time and money etc. are the questions that the interviewer might be really interested in, because that shows both your domain knowledge, ability to deal with problems and your thinking approach.

Show Hands on Experience

  • Also, be ready to give any tests or assignments that they assign to check your hands-on experience in tableau.

Practical is any day better than theory, theory helps you in achieving the knowledge about a field, but practical actually teaches you how it is done.

More the Better!

  • Also, show them your SQL knowledge or python knowledge if you have any,
  • Also, if you have any certifications related to the domain mention that, as that is like icing on cake,
  • Also, mention about freelance projects if you delivered any or if you have written any article that are readily available to people if they go online on the spot  as that adds your credibility and showcases your knowledge in the field.

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Q1. Tableau as a company was founded in?

Ans. 2003 in California, US.

Q2. Headquarter of tableau is in?

Ans. Seattle, Washington, US.

Q3. In 2019 Tableau was acquired by?

Ans. Salesforce acquired Tableau in 2019.

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