Must have Tableau software certifications in 2024

Tableau is one of the very sophisticated business intelligence and visualization tool out there. It has applications in almost every industry i.e. wherever there is data and need for extracting useful insights out of it the need for Tableau arises. It is being used alot by professionals working in data and analytics field mostly. So, a person looking for job in data / analytics field must have tableau software certifications in 2024.

Platform: Tableau
Exam details: 60 minutes exam with 45 multiple-choice questions

Course link: Tableau Desktop Specialist
Tableau desktop specialist certification cost: $100 (Dec-2023)

The purpose of the exam is to evaluate if someone has  foundational knowledge and skills related to Tableau Desktop. It ensures that the person who completed this certificate has skills to work with Tableau desktop.

Platform: Tableau
Exam details: 120 minutes exam with 40-45 items of various types including multiple-choice, multiple-select etc. and 8 – 10 hands-on lab items.

Course link: Tableau Certified Data Analyst
Tableau certified data analyst certification cost: $250 (Dec-2023)

The certification is for individuals who enable stakeholders to make business decisions by understanding the business problem, identifying data to explore for analysis, and delivering actionable insights. This credential validates both core Tableau knowledge and hands-on development skills of those who need to work with various Tableau products including: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and either Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Platform: Tableau
Exam details: 90 minutes with 55 multiple-choice and multiple-select items

Course link: Tableau Server Certified Associate
Tableau Server Certified Associate cost: $250 (Dec-2023)

This certification is for individuals with comprehensive understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment and approximately 4-6 months of work experience.

Platform: Tableau
Exam details: 120 minutes exam with 40-45 multiple-choice and multiple-select items plus 6-8 hands-on lab tasks

Course link: Tableau Certified Consultant
Tableau Certified Consultant cost: $250 (Dec-2023)

This certification is for individuals who engage with customers to design analytics solution for them within the Tableau platform. Projects may be scoped to the executive level rather than just the business unit level. They provide longer term, strategic recommendations for analytics and handle complex performance issues independently. They solve very complex data issues.

Platform: Tableau
Exam details: 120 minutes with 40-45 multiple-choice and multiple-select items plus 6-8 hands-on lab tasks

Course link: Tableau Certified Architect
Tableau certified architect cost: $250 (Dec-2023)

This certification if for individuals who manage Tableau server infrastructure. They have knowledge, skills, and experience in designing, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining a scalable Tableau platform, as well as migrations to Tableau Cloud. The person on this role deploys Tableau server in enterprise level environments.

Platform: Simplilearn
Course details:
– 56 hours of Applied Learning,
– Two simulation exams,
– Dedicated project mentoring sessions,
– It has both self-paced learning as well as online bootcamp as available,
– Introduction to tableau, connecting various data sources, metadata, filters in tableau, structuring data, creating charts and graphs, calculations in tableau etc.

Course link: Tableau Certification Training Course
Tableau Certification Training Course cost:
– Rs. 21,000 (Self-paced learning)
– Rs. 22,000 (Online bootcamp)

This certification teaches how to build visualizations, organize data, design dashboards for meaningful business decisions, statistics, data mapping, data connections etc.

Course link: Tableau Data Analyst/Specialist Desktop Certification
Tableau Data Analyst/Specialist Desktop Certification cost: Rs. 499/-

The course teaches how to create and tell a story using dashboards, apply advanced functions like calculated fields / parameters / hierarchies, create charts such as line charts / bar charts, format numbers / texts / dates, add labels / tooltips / animations etc.

Platform: Coursera
Syllabus: 5 course series
– Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau,
– Essential Design Principles for Tableau,
– Visual Analytics with Tableau,
– Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau,
– Data Visualization with Tableau Project

Course link: Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

The course teaches how to use various features of tableau, create and design visualizations / dashboards, perform exploratory analysis, assess data quality and best practices to present story.

Platform: Coursera
Syllabus: 7 course series
– Introduction to Business Analytics,
– Business analysis process,
– Data ecosystem,
– Introduction to Tableau,
– Data visualization with Tableau,
– Advanced Data Visualization with Tableau,
– Communicating Data Insights with Tableau,

Course link: Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional Certificate

This certification course helps in acquiring necessary skills for entry level Business Intelligence Analytics role, teaches how to create data visualizations that reveals patterns and drive actionable insights, how to use tableau public to manipulate and prepare data for analysis and enabled stakeholder to explore insights effectively.

Platform: Edureka
– A comprehensive program to develop proficiency in Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and reporting techniques.
– It covers Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, Charts, LOD expressions, Tableau Online etc.

Tableau Certification Training Course cost: ~Rs. 22,000 (Dec-2023)

We have tried to showcase the list of online available tableau certifications alongwith what they offer. Hope the list helps you in deciding which certification is appropriate for you as per your need i.e. if you just want to earn a certification or want lectures to learn concepts and then want to proceed for certification both kind of options are available.

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