MPPSC Solved Paper Prelims – 2017

MPPSC Solved Paper Prelims – 2017 – History, Polity, Geography, Sports, Arts, culture, current affairs etc.

MPPSC Preliminary (Pre) Examination solved papers of 2017 available here in English in short one-liners so it will save your precious time for revision and to full proof your knowledge as well.

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Question-Answer Section:

  1. Pressure GroupMembers of a Trade Union,
  2. The states and the Central Government derive power from the Constitution of India,
  3. When were the Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution – 42nd Constitutional Amendment,
  4. The ‘Goods and Services Tax’ was proposed by a task force, whose President was Vijay Kelkar,
  5. Brahmana texts belongs to the RigvedaAitareya Brahmana,
  6. In how many days will the investigating officer submit his report for  offences committed under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes  (Prevention of Atrocities ) Act,1989 – 30 days,
  7. Under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention and  Atrocities ) Act, 1989, in which Section there is a provision for the  arrangement of a Special Court – Section 14,
  8. Places where Habib Tanvir born – Raipur,
  9. Dhangdev was the ruler of Chandelas of Jejakabhukti,
  10. District of Madhya Pradesh where Chandrashekhar Azad was born -Jhabua,
  11. Author of the book RashmirekhaBal Krishna Sharma ‘Naveen’,
  12. Barabati Stadium is located in Orissa,
  13. International Monetary Fundgrants loans to member countries only,
  14. Carbon TradingKyoto Protocol,
  15. ‘India Vision 2020’ is prepared by P. Gupta Committee,
  16. The period of the 12th Five-Year Plan is 2012-2017,
  17. A closed economy is an economy in which neither exports nor imports take place,
  18. Oldest music college of Madhya Pradesh ’Madhav  Sangeet College‘ located in Gwalior,
  19. Name of the sculpture stolen from the khajuraho Temple  which was handed over by the Prime Minister of Canada to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – Parrot Lady,
  20. Name of that book of Suhel Seth which was released in London in June 2016 – Mantras for Success,
  21. Sania Mirza’s mixed doubles partner Ivan Dodig is from Croatia,
  22. State Bank of India established in 1955,
  23. Sunil Lamba is the 23rd Naval Chief of India,
  24. Bhawani Prasad Mishra’s birth-place was Hoshangabad,
  25. States in which Bharatiya Janata Party forms Government for the first time in 2016Assam,
  26. The first Indian State to start State Data Centre(SDC) is Himachal Pradesh,
  27. Who administered the oath of the Chief Minister of West Bengal to Mamata Banerjee on 27 May, 2016? – Keshari Nath Tripathi,
  28. In May 2016 ,Rodrigo Duterte was elected the President of Philippines,
  29. ‘Ranjit Sub-1’ and ‘ Bahadur Sub-1’ are two new varieties of paddy,
  30. Manohar Aich was called ‘Pocket Hercules‘ – He was a bodybuilder,
  31.  Country in which a woman became the President for first time in May 2016 – Taiwan,
  32. Year when Mohun Bagan Club of football founded -1889,
  33. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Jacob Zuma in July 2016, who is the President of South Africa,
  34. Joe Root is associated with cricket,
  35. First leader to organise labour movement in India N. M. Lokhande,
  36. The tenure of the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission is 5 years,
  37. Ajanta range is limited to Maharashtra only,
  38. Jantar Mahal of Mandu was constructed by Ghiyasuddin Khilji,
  39. A batsman hits a cricket ball which then rolls on a level ground. After covering a short distance, the ball comes to rest. The ball slows to a stop because there is friction force on the ball opposing the motion,
  40. Inventor of WWWTim Berners-Lee,
  41. Acts introduced the ‘Principle of Constitutional Autocracy’The Government of India Act of 1935,
  42. A modem converts analog signals into digital signals and vice versa,
  43. Ethernet is an example of LAN,
  44. DuckDuckGo is a search engine popular in Europe,
  45. In the context of computer security, crackers are also known as Black hat hackers,
  46. The service of the Internet that provides ‘audio’ and ‘video’ conversation, is called video conferencing,
  47. In which year were the Commonwealth Games started – 1930,
  48. In which year was Sachin Tendulkar given the Arjuna Award – 1994,
  49. Name of the Cricket World Cup played in 1987Reliance Cup,
  50. Amitabh Vijayvargiya associated with Cricket,
  51. Roop Singh Stadium is located in Gwalior,
  52. Tradition of which game started with the setting up of the Parsee Club – Cricket,
  53. Lightning can even burn a tree because it contains tremendous amount of electric energy,
  54. The ‘laughing gas’ is nitrous oxide,
  55. Garphite is also used as a lubricant,
  56. The power of a lens is in dioptre,
  57. Transfer of heat by convection can take place in gasses and liquids,
  58. Disease caused by protozoaMalaria,
  59. The kidneys in human beings are a part of excretory system,
  60. In human eyes, the image of an object is formed on pupil,
  61. Sound waves travel fastest in solids,
  62. To study meiosis in plants, the best part would be anthers,
  63. A bacteriophage is a Virus infecting bacterium,
  64. Smallpox was declared eradicated from the world in 1980,
  65. Botanical name of opium is Papaver somniferum,
  66. Ras Tanura Oil Refinery located in Saudi Arabia,
  67. Original habitat of the ‘Toda Tribe’ – Nilgiri Hills,
  68. Peneplain is related to river,
  69. Correct pairs
    • Lipulekh – Uttarakhand, 
    • Nathu La is in Sikkim,
    • Rohtang – Himachal Pradesh,
    • Palghat-Kerala,
  70. Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act was enforced in 1974,
  71. Stromboli is an active volcano,
  72. Correct matches:
    • Canyon-River,
    • Zeugen-Wind,
    • Inselberg-Wind, 
    • Moraine-Glacier,
  73. KayalLagoon of Kerala,
  74. Caspian Sea has boundaries with 5 countries Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran,
  75. Year when regular and scientific Census started in India – 1881,
  76. Youngest person to become the President of the Indian National Congress – Abul Kalam Azad,
  77. An important event of Lord Dufferin’s tenure as Viceroy was establishment of Indian National Congress,
  78. Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate ruled for the shortest period – Khilji dynasty,
  79. Whom had Muhammad Ghori defeated in 1194 in the Battle of Chandawar – Jayachand,
  80. The Act of 1909 was associated with the introduction of separate electorates,
  81. Who adorned Ram Mohan Roy with the title of ‘Raja’? – Mughal Emperor Akbar II,
  82. ‘Father of Indian Archaeology’Alexander Cunningham,
  83. Ghazi Malik was the founder of Tughlaq dynasty. 

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Q1. Which is the state animal of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Barasingha is the state animal of Madhya Pradesh.

Q2. Which is the state tree of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Banyan tree.

Q3. Longest river of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Narmada is the longest river of Madhya Pradesh.

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