MPPSC Solved Paper Prelims – 2022

MPPSC Solved Paper Prelims – 2022 – History, Polity, Geography, Sports, Arts, culture, current affairs etc.

MPPSC Preliminary (Pre) Examination solved papers of 2022 available here in English in short one-liners so it will save your precious time for revision and to full proof your knowledge as well.

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Question-Answer Section

  1. Tributaries : Rivers
    • Betwa : Narmada,
    • Kshipra : Chambal,
    • Vainganga : Godavari,
    • Tawa : Narmada,
      • Where, Narmada river originates from Amarkantak.
  2. Climate of MP:
    • Climate of MP is influenced by the tropic of cancer that passed through the middle of the state,
    • Gwalior is an example of sub-tropical climate with hot summer,
    • MP receive rainfall from Arabian Sea branch and Bay of Bengal branch both,
  3. Some districts of MP through which tropic of cancer passes: Vidisha, Bhopal, Ujjain,
  4. Rock that contains coal and petroleum: sedimentary rocks,
  5. Region of MP that is known for black soils: Malwa plateau, Narmada valley, Satpura range etc.
  6. Corbett Tiger Reserve is located in Uttarakhand,
  7. World Health Organization (WHO) was established in 7-April-1948,
  8. ISRO is Indian Space Research Organisation,
  9. Indian state recently radio tagged an Indian Pangolin on the occasion of World Pangolin Day: MP,
  10. Phosphate test is used for the analysis of milk, tea, water,
  11. Sargasso sea is situated in North Atlantic Ocean,
  12. Suez canal has economic and strategic significance,
  13. Some examples of young folded mountain are rocky, alps, himalaya etc.
  14. McMohan Line is the line of division between India and China,
  15. Truck farming is associated with vegetables,
  16. United Nations has declared the year 2023 as The International Years of Millets,
  17. Vimukta Jati (Denotified Tribe) Day is celebrated in MP on 31-Aug,
  18. Shri Ram Sahay Pandey is associated with Rai folk dance art,
  19. Smt. Durga Bai Vyam is associated with the tribal art of gond tradition,
  20. District : Product
    • Balaghat : Kodo kutki,
    • Betul : Teakwood (sagon),
    • Khargone : Chilly and chilly product,
    • Narsinghpur : Split pigeon pea (tuar) and jaggery,
  21. District in with minimum sex ratio: Bhind,
  22. MP has been divided into 11 agro-climatic zones,
  23. Indira Gandhi Tribal University is located in Amarkantak district of MP,
  24. Malajkhand is also known as the copper city of MP,
  25. Electronic record, digital signature and certifying authority came with the IT Act, 2000,
  26. Auctions or dynamic pricing are examples of B2B and C2C commerce,
  27. Router and gateway are used to transfer data packets between two computer networks,
  28. Database that contains the names and address of various hosts on internet is called Domain Name System,
  29. Consumers fix price on their own, which business accept or decline comes under C2B model,
  30. Some districts of MP that has Baiga Development Agency: Mandla, Shahdol, Balaghat etc.
  31. Some famous painters of MP: Narayan Shridhar Bendre, Nana Saheb Panse, Amritlal Begad,
  32. Mandhata was the anciest name of Omkareshwar,
  33. Dashpur inscription known as the first advertisement of the world,
  34. Federal system proposed under the Government of India Act, 1935 was All India Federation,
  35. Objective resolution was laid down by Jawaharlal Nehru in 5th meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India,
  36. Intent of the President is required as er Article 108 of the Constitution of India to summon a joint sitting of the two houses of parliament,
  37. The Indian Parliament consists of President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha,
  38. Article 17 of Constitution of India abolished untouchability,
  39. Atal Pragati path is related to Gwalior Chambal Region,
  40. In Omkareshwar region of MP solar floating project of 600 MW capacity is proposed,
  41. Player of MP Chinki Yadav is associated with shooting,
  42. Player of MP Vivek Sagar is associated with hockey,
  43. Catalin Novak became the first female President of Hungary,
  44. In Circumpacific belt the volcanic eruption is maximum,
  45. Marquette range in USA is famous for iron ore,
  46. Indira gandhi canal has transformed agriculture activities of western districts of Rajasthan,
  47. Ranjit singh was related to Shukarchakiya misal,
  48. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was given the princely portfolio in the National Provisional Government,
  49. Lala Lajpat called the congress conferences as the “Annual National Festival of Educated Indians”,
  50. Mahatma Gandhi started the dandi march from sabarmati ashram,
  51. Satara was the first state to be merged under Dalhousie’s Doctrine of lapse,
  52. The Madhya Pradesh Service Commission shall consist maximum of 5 members,
  53. The power to grant to refuse leave to the CAG shall vest in the President,
  54. Virtual keyboards protect the computer against password theft, trojan programs, sypware etc.
  55. An e-mail that appears to originate form one source but actually has been sent from another is called spoofing,
  56. Servers in network environment are file server, print server, application server etc.
  57. Bus, star and ring are common network topology,
  58. The true justified belief is often called knowledge,
  59. Malaw Samvat was also known as krit samvat,
  60. Sironj medieval town was famous for the printed cotton cloth known as Chinth,
  61. Freedom movement in MP:
    • Khaja and Bhima Nayak were the bhil leaders fought against British rule,
    • Shankar Shah was the freedom fighter from the Garha Mandla state,
  62. Gotmar fair held in Chhindwara district of MP,
  63. Article 338 of Indian Constitution deals with National Commission for Scheduled Caste,
  64. Central Information Commission or State Information Commission can impose the penalty under section 20 of Right to Information Act,
  65. Chairperson and Member of the state public service commission are appointed by Governor,
  66. The Development Monitoring Evaluation Office (DMEO) was constituted on 18-Sep-2015,
  67. Leader who held the office of the Protem Speaker, Speaker and Deputy Speaker in MP legislative assembly – Ramkishore Shukla,
  68. In absence of the sarpanch and UP sarpanch in MP the panch of the respective gram panchayat elected by members present in Gram Sabha meeting,
  69. General Administration Committees, Agriculture Committee and Education Committee are the standing committees of Zila Panchayat in MP,
  70. National Highway : Passes through
    • NH 30 : Jabalpur,
    • NH 39 : Khajuraho,
    • NH 46 : Bhopal,
    • NH 44 : Sagar,
  71. Thermal Power Plant : District
    • Sarni : Betul,
    • Amarkantak : Anuppur,
    • Birsinghpur : Umaria,
  72. Irrigation project : District
    • Bargi : Jabalpur,
    • Tawa : Hoshangabad,
    • Matiyari : Mandla,
  73. Cotton textile mills have been established in Malwa Plateau of MP,
    • Malwa plateau is covered with black soil,
  74. Bhopal gas tragedy occurred in 1984,
  75. Orgen sertoli cell are found in testis,
  76. UNICEF is headquartered in New York,
  77. Scurvy disease is caused by deficiency of Vitamin C,
  78. The power of Supreme Court of India to decide the dispute between centre and state falls under original jurisdiction,
  79. Mid-day meal scheme was launched in 1995,
  80. Author of Mudrarakshasa : Vishakhadutta,
  81. The shape of pipal tree is found in the seals from the Indus Civilization,
  82. The unique feature of Chola administrative system was the development of village autonomy,
  83. Sites of Ellora and Elephanta belongs to the period of Rashtrakoot,
  84. Vidyadhar of Chandela dynasty faced Mahmud Ghaznavi.


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Q1. Balaghat in MP is famous for:

For rich stores of natural resources like manganese and copper, it is also home to one of the most prominent mining units in Madhya Pradesh.

Q2. Amarkantak is known for:

It is wher the origin of Narmada river lies that is why amarkantak is very famous.

Q3. Hoshangabad is famous for:

For its beautiful ghats along the banks of the Narmada river.

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