Udemy microsoft excel courses overview

This article is giving Udemy microsoft excel courses overview by choosing out some of the famous courses available on udemy and giving it’s important details like number of hours of course, number of lectures, number of ratings, course description i.e. topics covered in it etc.

Microsoft Excel overview

Microsoft Excel stands as a robust spreadsheet application, offering essential capabilities for data management, analysis, and visualization. Its widespread application spans across diverse industries, empowering professionals to perform intricate computations and data-centric tasks effortlessly. Core functionalities encompass:

  • Formulas and Functions: Supporting intricate calculations using a comprehensive range of predefined functions.
  • Charts and Graphs: Facilitating data visualization through various chart types.
  • Data Analysis Tools: Including PivotTables, data tables, and scenario analysis to gain insights.
  • Data Integration: Enabling the import of external data sources and integration.
  • Collaboration: Supporting real-time co-authoring and online sharing for collaborative work.
  • Automation: Macros for task automation and personalized customization.
  • Data Security: Providing options for password protection and encryption to secure data.
  • Customization: Extensible with add-ins and user-defined functions for tailored solutions.
  • What-If Analysis: Allowing users to explore various scenarios with changing input values.
  • Data Validation: Rule-based data entry to ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  • Data Visualization: Interactive 3D Maps and Power View for dynamic data insights.

Why excel is important?

Excel holds significant importance due to its versatility and wide-ranging capabilities, making it an indispensable tool in both professional and personal contexts. Its significance is underscored by its capacity for data analysis and organization, streamlining complex calculations through formulas and functions, facilitating efficient reporting with charts and graphs, and supporting a myriad of applications, from project management and budgeting to educational use and job requirements.

Its impact on business decision-making, statistical analysis, and data-driven insights further solidifies its role in a variety of industries, while its collaborative features, accessibility, and customization options enhance its utility for teams and individuals alike.

Some of famous Udemy microsoft excel courses overview:

S. No.CourseNo. of HoursNo. of lecturesReviews / ratings
(as of Oct’2023)
(as of Oct’2023)
1Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced21257over 403K ratingsEnglishRs. 3,199
2Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced 20238132over 8.5K ratingsEnglishRs. 3,199
3Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions9.5114over 86K ratingsEnglishRs. 3,199
4Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Advanced for 20236.584over 2.3K ratingsEnglishRs. 799
5The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Mastery Bundle – 8 Courses66.5588over 680 ratingsEnglishRs. 3,199
6Microsoft Excel 2023 – From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours5.568over 37.8K ratingsEnglishRs. 3,199

Udemy microsoft excel courses description:

S. No.Course Description
1Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to AdvancedExcel interface / excel shortcuts / working with numeric data, dates / cell references / SUM() / MIN() / MAX() / AVERAGE() / COUNT() / Autosum / Changing the Width and Height of Cells / Hiding and Unhiding Excel Rows and Columns / Font Formatting / Background Color of a Cell / Adding Borders to Cells / Formatting Data as Currency Values / Formatting Percentages / Excel’s Format Painter / Merging and Centering Cells / conditional formatting / Inserting Images / Inserting Excel Shapes / Formatting Excel Shapes / Working with Excel SmartArt / Adding and Modifying Data on an Excel Chart etc.
2Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced 2023Basics about how to manage data on excel / Auto fill feature / List of keyboard shortcuts / Difference between formulas and functions / Writing formulas / Concatenation function / Chart insertion / Data formatting / Logical if/or/and functions / Excel macros / How to workout monthly payments with the PMT function / What if analysis / 3D maps / Find, left, right, len functions etc.
3Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas & FunctionsExcel formula syntax / common excel error types / formula auditing / Ctrl shortcuts / Mac shortcuts / IF statements normal and nested / IS statements / small, large / RANK / PERCENTRANK / RAND() / RANDBETWEEN / SUMPRODUCT / COUNTIFS, SUMIFS & AVERAGEIFS / Named Ranges / VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP / Match Lookups / Cell Ranges with INDEX / INDEX & MATCH / MATCH & VLOOKUP / OFFSET / UPPER, LOWER, PROPER & TRIM / LEFT, MID, RIGHT & LEN / SEARCH & FIND etc.
Date and time functions / formula based formatting / dynamic array formulas etc.
4Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Advanced for 2023Conditional formatting / Average Count and CountA Formulas / Max and Min Formula / IF Formula / AND Formula or Operator  / Using SumIF and Calculating a Metric / IFS Formula and SumIFS Formula / MaxIFS|MinIFS with Operators and Wild Cards / Vlookup / Hlookup / XLookup / Index / Match / LEFT, RIGHT and MID / UPPER, LOWER and PROPER / CONCAT and TEXTJOIN / Pivot tables / Dashboarding with pivot tables etc.
5The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Mastery Bundle – 8 CoursesUnderstanding Ribbons, Tabs and Menus / Useful Keyboard Shortcuts / Working with Workbooks and Worksheets / SUM / AVERAGE / MIN | MAX / Autosum / Autofill / Named ranges / Number formats / date and time formats / Deleting and Clearing Cells / Aligning Text and Numbers / Sorting / autofilter / Cut, copy and paste / VLOOKUP / IF, AND, OR etc.
6Microsoft Excel 2023 – From Beginner to Expert in 6 HoursCalculating a grade / charts / functions / Max, min / rand and randbetween / concat and textjoin / Top 10 functions / Xlookup, vlookup, & hlookup / PMT payment function / PMT IPMT loan amortization / FV future value function / FV retirement amortization / IF IFERROR dynamic amortization / conditional formatting / Formatting tables of data quickly / Font is feeling – font formatting etc.

About Udemy:

Udemy, Inc., established in May 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar, is an educational technology company that offers an online learning and teaching platform. As of June 2023, Udemy boasts an extensive user base, including 64 million learners and over 75,000 instructors delivering a diverse selection of more than 210,000 courses available in nearly 75 languages, resulting in over 870 million course enrollments. Additionally, Udemy serves over 14,900 Udemy Business clients, with more than 50% of the Fortune 100 companies among its clientele. Udemy Business customers enjoy access to an extensive library comprising over 24,000 courses, with more than 10,500 offered in English and over 13,500 in 14 international languages.

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