UN Important Decades – GK – Part I

The article is about all the UN decades and their purpose, focus, aim i.e. why it was declared as a particular decade and how the efforts are going to impact things in that decade. UN Important Decades – GK – Part I.

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UN Important Decades

1. 2022–2032: International Decade of Indigenous Languages

  • There are chances that 50 % of today’s spoken language will be extinct or will be seriously endangered by 2100,
  • To raise awareness of the crucial role languages play in people’s daily lives,
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2. 2021–2030: United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing

  • To foster healthy ageing and improve the lives of older people, their families and communities,
  • They will be focusing on age-friendly environments, combating ageism, integrated care and long-term care. [source]

3. 2021–2030: Fourth International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism

  • The other three decade for eradication of colonialism were 1990-2000, 2001-2010 and 2011-2020. [source]

4. 2021–2030: Second Decade of Action for Road Safety

  • For improving global road safety and ambitious target of preventing at least 50% of road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. [source]

5. 2021–2030: United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

  • Aim is to aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean. [source]

6. 2021–2030: United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

  • To reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and gather ocean stakeholders worldwide behind a common framework that will ensure ocean science can fully support countries in creating improved conditions for sustainable development of the Ocean. [source]

7. 2019–2028: Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace

  • Emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to sustaining peace by preventing conflict and addressing its root causes and strengthening the rule of law, poverty eradication, and social development.  [Source]

8. 2019–2028: United Nations Decade of Family Farming

  • Aims to shed new light on what it means to be a family farmer in a rapidly changing world and highlights more than ever before the important role they play in eradicating hunger and shaping our future of food. [Source]

9. 2018–2028: International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”

  • To accelerate efforts towards meeting water related challenges,
  • Sustainable development and integrated management of water resources for the achievement of social, economic and environmental objectives. [Source]

10. 2018-2027: Third United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty

  • For accelerating global actions for a world without poverty. [Source]

11. 2016–2025: United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition

  • The Decade will increase visibility of nutrition action at the highest level and ensure coordination, strengthen multi-sectoral collaboration, create synergies and measure progress towards sustainable food systems and food and nutrition security for all. [Source]

12. 2016–2025: Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa

  • Focus is to anchor Africa on a path towards inclusive and sustainable industrial development. [Source]

13. 2015–2024: International Decade for People of African Descent

  • One of the objective is to strengthen national, regional and international action and cooperation in relation to the full enjoyment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights by people of African descent and their full and equal participation in all aspects of society. [Source]

14. 2014–2024: United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All

  • To stress the need to improve access to reliable, affordable, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound energy services and resources for sustainable development. [Source]

15. 2011–2020: Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism

  • Calling upon Member States to intensify their efforts to continue to implement the plan of action for the Second International Decade. [Source]

16. 2011–2020: United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

  • To support the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and to promote its overall vision of living in harmony with nature. [Source]
  • Reducing biodiversity loss etc.

17. 2011–2020: Decade of Action for Road Safety

  • It seeks to save millions of lives by building road safety management capacity; improving the safety of road infrastructure; further developing the safety of vehicles; enhancing the behaviour of road users etc. [Source]

18. 2010–2020: United Nations Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification

  • Raise awareness about desertification, land degradation and drought and their solutions. [Source]

19. 2008–2017: Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty

  • The second Decade aims at supporting, in an efficient and coordinated manner, the internationally agreed development goals related to poverty eradication, including the Millennium Development Goals. It stresses the importance of reinforcing the positive trends in poverty reduction in some countries and extend such trends to benefit people worldwide. [Source]

20. 2006–2016: Decade of Recovery and Sustainable Development of the Affected Regions (third decade after the Chernobyl disaster)

  • Global coordination efforts to address the specific needs in the affected region and to mitigate the impact of the accident. IAEA activities under this plan included support for the remediation and rehabilitation of contaminated areas. [Source]

21. 2005–2015: International Decade for Action, “Water for Life”

  • To promote efforts to fulfil international commitments made on water and water-related issues by 2015. [Source]

22. 2005–2014: United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

  • It sought to mobilize the educational resources of the world to help create a more sustainable future. [Source]

23. 2005–2014: Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People

  • Promote non-discrimination and inclusion of indigenous peoples in processes at all levels,
  • Promote the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples in decision making etc. [Source]

24. 2003–2012: United Nations Literacy Decade: Education for All

  • It aims to increase literacy levels and empower all people everywhere. [Source]

25. 2001–2010: International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World

  • To reinforce a culture of peace through education,
  • To promote economically and socially sustainable development,
  • To promote the respect of all human rights etc. [Source]


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