26 UN Important Decades – GK – Part II

26 UN Important Decades – GK – Part II – decade to roll back malaria, decade for eradication of colonialism, decade for eradication for poverty, decade for human rights education, decade of the world’s indigenous people, decade to combat racism and racial discrimination, decade for industrial development of Africa, transport and communications decade in Africa, decade for eradification of colonialism, third disarmament decade cade for cultural development, decade for disabled persons, decade for women equality development and peace etc.

The article is about all the UN decades and their purpose, focus, aim i.e. why it was declared as a particular decade and how the efforts are going to impact things in that decade.

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UN Important Decades

26. 2001–2010: Decade to Roll Back Malaria in Developing Countries, Particularly in Africa

AimSteps Taken
Aim: Reduce the global burden of malaria, particularly in developing countries, and especially in Africa.Main steps included increased funding, improved access to prevention and treatment interventions, enhanced coordination among national partners etc.

27. 2001–2010: Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism

Aim / GoalResult
To accelerate the process of decolonization and promote the rights of peoples living under colonial rule.Successfully decolonization of a number of territories happened etc.

28. 1997–2006: Decade for The Eradication for Poverty

GoalSteps Taken
To address the issue of poverty, which affects a significant portion of the global population, particularly in developing countries.There was increased awareness and commitment to addressing poverty and its root causes, such as lack of access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities

29. 1995–2004: Decade for Human Rights Education

GoalSteps Taken
Goal of this decade was to promote education and awareness of human rights, with the aim of fostering a culture of human rights and preventing human rights violationsDevelopment of education materials and resources, capacity building and raining, promotion of human rights education in formal and non-formal education settings, raising awareness etc. were the main steps taken to achieve it.

30. 1994–2004: Decade of the World’s Indigenous People

GoalSteps Taken
Goal of this decade was to promote the rights and well-being of indigenous peoples around the world, and to recognize their contributions to global cultural diversityEstablishment of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, promoting participation of indigenous peoples in decision-making, recognition and protection of indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage etc. weer the main steps taken to achieve this.

31. 1993–2003: Third Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination

Goal / AimSteps Taken
To combat racism and racial discriminationBetter policies and legislations, access to education, employment etc. for marginalised groups, education and awareness about racism and racial discrimination etc.

32. 1991–2000: Second Industrial Development Decade for Africa

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed at promoting industrialization and economic development across the African continent. Accelerate Africa’s industrial growth, enhance its competitiveness, and reduce povertyTransfer of technology and knowledge to African countries, promote specific industries and sectors, attracting domestic and foreign investment by providing incentives, establishing investment promotion agencies etc.

33. 1991–2000: Second Transport and Communications Decade in Africa

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed at promoting the development of transport and communication infrastructure across the African continent, enhance connectivity, facilitate regional integration, and stimulate economic growth.Policy reforms to create a conducive environment for transport and communication development, emphasis was placed on expanding and improving the quality of infrastructure, efforts were made to enhance regional integration and connectivity etc.

34. 1991–2000: United Nations Decade Against Drug Abuse

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed at combating drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking, overall goal was to reduce the demand for and supply of drugs, promote drug prevention and treatment, and strengthen international cooperation in addressing the global drug problem.Efforts were made to reduce drug demand through prevention and education programs, public awareness campaigns were launched, Governments and organizations expanded treatment facilities, trained healthcare professionals, and developed evidence-based treatment programs etc.

35. 1991–2000: Fourth United Nations Development Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aim was to promote sustainable development and address the challenges faced by developing countries.Efforts were made to address poverty and promote economic growth in developing countries, Efforts were made to integrate environmental considerations into development policies and practices, International aid and financing mechanisms were established or strengthened to support development efforts etc.

36. 1990–2000: International Decade for the Eradification of Colonialism

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed at promoting the decolonization of territories that were still under colonial rule. The overall goal was to accelerate the process of decolonization and support the self-determination of peoples living in colonial territories.Promote the self-determination of peoples living in colonial territories, reaffirming the rights of peoples under colonial rule and calling for the decolonization of remaining non-self-governing territories, raise awareness about the issue of colonialism, monitored the situation in colonial territories, and assisted in facilitating the process of decolonization etc.

37. 1990–1999: United Nations Decade of International Law (UN Important Decades – GK – Part II)

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to strengthen the rule of law in international relations and promote the peaceful resolution of disputes between nations. Aim of the Decade was to promote the importance of international law in governing relations between states and advancing global cooperation.The Decade saw continued efforts to codify and develop international law. Efforts were made to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes through the ICJ and encourage states to accept its jurisdiction. Emphasis was placed on promoting the peaceful settlement of disputes between states.

38. 1990–1999: International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to raise global awareness about the importance of reducing the impact of natural disasters and promoting disaster risk reduction. Protect lives, reduce economic losses, and minimize the social and environmental consequences of natural disasters.Efforts were made to improve the understanding and assessment of natural hazards. Focused on strengthening the capacity of countries, particularly those prone to natural disasters, to effectively respond and manage such events. Aimed to raise public awareness about natural disasters and the importance of preparedness and risk reduction.

39. 1990s: Third Disarmament Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
To promote disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons.Efforts were made to reduce the number of nuclear weapons globally and promote nuclear disarmament.

40. 1988–1997: World Decade for Cultural Development

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Promote the value and importance of culture in human development, foster cultural diversity, and strengthen international cooperation in the cultural field.Efforts were made to facilitate interactions, promote mutual understanding, and celebrate cultural diversity through festivals, exhibitions, performances, and cultural exchange programs. Initiatives were undertaken to protect and restore cultural sites, artifacts, and traditions that were at risk of destruction or loss.

41. 1983–1993: Second Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to address and combat racism and racial discrimination on a global scale. Primary goals of the Decade were to raise awareness about the negative impacts of racism, promote equality and non-discrimination, and develop strategies to eradicate racial discrimination.Raising awareness about the existence and consequences of racism and racial discrimination, introduce and strengthen legislation and policies to combat racism and racial discrimination at national and international levels, Monitoring mechanisms were established to document and address instances of racism and racial discrimination etc.

42. 1983–1992: United Nations Decade for Disabled Persons

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aim of promoting the rights, well-being, and inclusion of persons with disabilities on a global scale. Decade sought to raise awareness about disability issues, eliminate barriers to full participation, and enhance the social and economic opportunities for individuals with disabilities.Raise public awareness about disability issues, challenge stereotypes, and promote a positive perception of persons with disabilities, promote legislative and policy changes to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, improving accessibility and promoting universal design principles to ensure that the built environment, public facilities, transportation, information, and communication technologies are accessible to all etc.

43. 1981–1990: International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to address the global challenge of providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities to communities worldwide. Improve access to clean water, promote hygiene practices, and reduce waterborne diseases.Efforts were made to improve water supply infrastructure, develop sustainable water sources, and promote the use of appropriate technologies for water treatment and purification, Initiatives were undertaken to provide adequate sanitation facilities, including toilets and sewage systems, to communities that lacked access etc.

44. 1981–1990: Third United Nations Development Decade

45. 1980–1990: Second Disarmament Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to promote global disarmament and the reduction of military tensions during the Cold War era, address the arms race, promote nuclear disarmament, and strengthen international peace and security.International negotiations, such as the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), were initiated to reduce the number of nuclear weapons and establish arms control agreements between the United States and the Soviet Union. Negotiations were conducted to limit the production, stockpiling, and deployment of conventional arms, including weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons, and conventional military equipment etc.

46. 1980s: Industrial Development Decade for Africa

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to promote industrialization and economic development across the African continent, sought to address the structural challenges facing African economies, diversify production, and enhance the industrial sector’s contribution to sustainable development.Structural adjustment programs were implemented, focusing on macroeconomic stability, market liberalization, trade liberalization, and privatization of state-owned enterprises. Efforts were made to develop manufacturing industries, promote value-added production, and encourage the growth of labor-intensive and export-oriented industries.

47. 1976–1985: United Nations Decade for Women: Equality, Development and Peace

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment, and peace-building efforts globally. Address the systemic discrimination and inequalities faced by women and to integrate gender perspectives into development and peace initiatives.Efforts were made to promote legal reforms, eliminate discriminatory laws and practices, and ensure equal access to education, employment, health care, and decision-making positions. Efforts were made to reduce the gender wage gap, promote equal pay for equal work, and support women’s economic participation through vocational training and capacity-building programs.

48. 1973–1983: Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Raise awareness, promote equality, and address the pervasive issue of racism and racial discrimination globally. Combat racial prejudice, eliminate discriminatory practices, and promote racial harmony and understanding.Campaigns, conferences, and educational programs were organized to promote dialogue, understanding, and solidarity among different racial and ethnic groups. Countries were encouraged to enact legislation that prohibits racial discrimination and promotes equal rights and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity etc.

49. 1971–1980: Second United Nations Development Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to accelerate global economic development and improve living conditions in developing countries. Address poverty, inequality, and underdevelopment by promoting economic growth, social progress, and international cooperation.Efforts were made to diversify economies, enhance productivity, and reduce dependency on primary commodities. Developing countries were encouraged to formulate comprehensive development plans, aligning their priorities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Developed countries were called upon to provide financial resources, technical assistance, and technology transfer to developing nations etc.

50. 1970s: Disarmament Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to promote disarmament efforts and reduce the risks and consequences of armed conflicts and the proliferation of weapons. Achieve a world free from the threat of nuclear war and other forms of warfare.Efforts were made to limit the spread of nuclear weapons through treaties such as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which aimed to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and facilitate disarmament. Negotiations and agreements were pursued to limit the production, stockpiling, and trade of conventional weapons, including small arms and light weapons etc.

51. 1960–1970: United Nations Development Decade

Goal / AimSteps Taken
Aimed to promote economic and social development in the newly independent countries and other developing nations, addressing poverty, inequality, and underdevelopment by mobilizing resources, fostering international cooperation, and promoting sustainable development.Efforts were made to increase official development assistance (ODA) and promote private investment in developing nations. Developed countries and international organizations offered technical assistance to help build capacities and improve governance in developing nations. Training programs and workshops were conducted to enhance the skills and knowledge of government officials, professionals, and technicians in various sectors etc.


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Q1. Decade 1973–1983 was decade to Combat ___________.

Ans. Racism and Racial Discrimination.

Q2. Decade 1988–1997 was World Decade for ____________.

Abs. Cultural Development.

Q3. Decade 1993–2003 was Third Decade to _____________.

Ans. Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination.

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